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About Us
Living Awareness, Inc. is a non-profit organization, incorporated in Washington State. In short we are:
  • About Kurt & KarenDevoted to the unfolding of humanity
  • Dedicated to each personís integral health
  • Inter-faith based
  • Devoted to holding each person in a spiritual context that is not separate from, but interconnected with, their whole being
  • Engaged in providing fellowship and encouragement around spiritually-based integral living
  • Dedicated to contemplative practices that enhance Awareness, and living a contemplative life
  • Engaged in providing contemplative-based events and help, including: Enlightenment Intensives, other workshops and teachings, guidance and counseling, emotional clearing and body-centered illumination

Living Awareness was founded in 1999, and presented online as in September of 2003. Living Awareness has continued to expand and deepen in the art and practice of Integral Living with a spiritual foundation and in 2008 was incorporated in the state of Washington as a non-profit.
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About Kurt

I recognize the “human condition” as that of being caught in limited memory-bound identities and suffering from countless cycles of grasping and fear. I am devoted to liberation through awareness—my own, as well as assisting and supporting those who will likewise leave the comfort of slumber and awaken to the fullness of Life. My approach includes various “uncovering methods” of certain psychotherapies and the practice of various spiritual disciplines.

Experience & Background

Counseling related
Psychotherapy (personal exposure to various forms)
BA in Psychology
MA in Applied Behavioral Science
Clinical Internship (counseling)
Certified Counselor (Washington State)
Further study in Integral Counseling (somatic-emotional emphasis), Clearing (chitta yoga based
Group facilitator

Contemplative Practice (35+ years)
Christian Mysticism, Bhakti, Sahaja & Jnana Yogas (Advaita Vedanta)
Satori and Samadhi “experiences”
”Healers & Leaders”' training with Eckhart Tolle
Enlightenment Intensives – participant contemplator; staff (all levels); formal training; Initiation & experience as Intensive Master
Ordained, Universal Life Church 2003
Shamanism (ceremonial participation)
Volunteer for various self-help, religious and spiritual organizations

Family and Business
I live on Fidalgo Island near La Conner, WA with my lovely wife, Karen (who also masters intensives and counsels others when not riding elephants.) Together we explore the dimensions of our committed relationship, our daily life, and our spiritual life, fully aware of the underlying dedication to truth-telling, facing difficulties and even conflict in order to reap the rewards of a dynamic marriage.

I wish to recognize my first wife of a 25 year marriage who both endured my training as a husband and birthed three incredible children (who likewise endured my training as a father.) Thankfully, both daughters and my son are launched and one has provided two grandsons. Also, having remarried, I have gained three beautiful step-daughters and six more grandchildren.

I cofounded a business in 1979 which I still help direct. It now has over 20 employees and has won numerous environmental awards. I also served as director of an insurance group, formed and managed several LLC's, and cofounded Living Awareness, a spiritual organization.

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About Karen

My passion is life is to be a vehicle of Spirit to help deepen, open, and facilitate the healing and growth of others, such that they can have a more authentic and joyful life.

I began my journey in the healing arts in 1986 as a body worker. My training has spanned aspects of breath-work (including Rebirthing), Structural Integration, Reiki, Energetic Healing, Visceral Manipulation, Cranial Sacral and more. For many years I served as owned/director of both a therapy center and a massage school. Additionally, I have facilitated a number of retreats, workshops and classes that addressed personal growth and healing in a variety of ways. Much of my training and my present experience has focused on Integral Counseling-a unique system of addressing the human mind, emotions, body and spirit. Currently, I am a registered counselor and an Enlightenment Intensive master.
Ordained, Universal Life Church 2005

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Kurt and Karen