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Organizing Principles

Rocks at the riverLiving Awareness, Inc. is:

  1. A non-profit organization, incorporated in Washington State.

  2. Inter-faith based. The approach of Living Awareness is to support most anyone, regardless of their current religious beliefs—or lack thereof. In fact, we are looking beyond mere "beliefs," but about the mystery of existence, being-ness and life. Generally, Living Awareness embraces an approach that includes this Divine Mystery—"God," in many major faiths—as well as the Tao or Ground of Being. In this sense, "spirituality" is inclusive beyond traditional beliefs, as well as including them. [In the spirit of inclusion, many agnostics and "atheists" would be well able to relate to the Tao or Ground of Being.]

  3. Devoted to the unfolding of humanity, to engender each person’s unfolding and realization of their true nature (Presence, "pure belonging," "child of God," Atman, etc.).

  4. Dedicated to each person’s* integral (psychological, emotional, social and spiritual) health such that they mature, heal, enhance and/or integrate themselves for optimal living. [* in the same context we are dedicated as well to couples, families and groups.]

  5. Devoted to holding each person in a spiritual context that is not separate from, but interconnected with, their whole being—their "full humanness" of physical, emotional and mental aspects of being.
    1. Therefore, we approach aiding others in a supra-holistic, or integral, perspective embracing our humanity fully while ‘transcending’ it to realize our spirituality—and/or it’s compliment of embracing our higher nature while healing, maturing and integrating our bodies, minds and personalities. [Paradoxically, a point is reached where a person’s spirituality and wholeness are identical.]
    2. Our approach to healing and growth is therefore integral, or an integrating, of all aspects of being, and includes:
      1. Body Practice (diet, exercise & sleep, body-manipulation and other practices);
      2. Emotional Practice (emotional intelligence enhancement, opening to one’s "emotional body," shadow-work, etc.);
      3. Mental Practice (education, visualizations, etc.); and
      4. Spiritual Practice (prayer, meditation, contemplation, devotion, etc.).
      [Note: modalities listed in parentheses are separated categorically to illustrate emphasis on particular aspects only, but in fact work interactively between various aspects of being.]

  6. Engaged in providing fellowship around and encouragement toward spiritually-based integral living.

  7. Dedicated to contemplative practices that enhance Awareness.

  8. Engaged in providing contemplative-based events and help, including: Enlightenment Intensives, other workshops and teachings, guidance and counseling, emotional clearing and body-centered illumination.