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"Kurt is very interested in helping people and works hard to help assure that they get a benefit from his programs. His enthusiasm was noteworthy and made sure that every participant in the program knew what to look for and felt that their effort was worthwhile and meaningful."
~ GM

"There have been periods in my life where I have needed support to find emotional balance and clarity. Fortunately I met Kurt through a mutual friend. When sifting through my emotional baggage I can not always do it alone. I sometimes need someone to help me face my deepest fears and pains. Someone who could help show me a way to address, reevaluate, purge or simply realize the fears are not that unmanageable."

"When addressing vulnerable places within myself, it is not easy to let someone else see those dark corners. To me Kurt is like a torch, shedding light on the pathway through the darkness. There are no judgments, there is deep compassion, empathy, understanding and loving support. Kurt listens and really hears what is being said and knows how to gently yet firmly help me along."
~ MH

"It is not Kurt's plan to be my life long Counselor, rather his goal is to teach me how to manage on my own. Because of his service I am becoming empowered, enthused and excited about my healing and ultimately my freedom. I have been to enough counselors to see many of them are there to help me but their own lives need just as much help. In Kurt, I see him work his truth, speak his truth and live it. I respect that and because of it, I trust him with the most precious thing I well being."
~ ML

"Kurt is a natural leader. In our small group scenarios he demonstrated a very effective combination of gentle authority, command of his subject, and the needs of each individual in the group. It was a deep pleasure to participate in the gatherings he led."
~ BS

"Kurt Treftz is a writer, poet, counselor, world traveler, and a deep thinker with a passion for personal growth. He's a very understanding person, and easy to talk to. I would recommend his services and programs to people looking to expand their knowledge of self, grow closer in a relationship, or work on interpersonal issues."

"Kurt is a genuine and masterful spiritual guide. He has the experience of knowing when to support and when to step back and allow others their space and their process. Kurt has a deep wisdom and genuine excitement for life that invite truth and joy into what ever he is doing. His patience, sincerity and kindness remind me of the beauty possible in the human experience."
~ CS

"Kurt facilitates and passionately leads Enlightenment Intensives. He is a model for humanity exhibiting high integrity and heart. I highly recommend him."
~ BB

"I have attended Enlightenment Intensive retreats with Kurt - with Kurt as the leader and as a co-participant. I found Kurt to very sincere and genuinely interested in supporting me and others. His presence was both confident and humble at the same time. He was knowledgeable, but never arrogant. I instantly trusted him. He has a strong, supportive and nurturing energy that draws people to him. He has a great sense of humor and laughs easily. I would offer him my highest recommendation as a person of character and honor."
~ JW

"I was the trainer at and during the time Kurt was with Warrior Spirit... He was very caring about fellow staffers and fellow humans. He always looks for the best in everyone. A forgiving individual with great integrity. Someone that I would trust to have my back."
~ RN

"Kurt has the ability to cut past the garbage and get to the core of the matter....quickly...from a place of honesty."
~ DS

"I always knew that when I worked with Kurt during our practicum that I would be held in a place of deep caring, sensitivity and skillful willingness to facilitate my breakthroughs. As a person, what I love most about Kurt is his sense of adventure and fun - in both the external physical world and the internal spiritual realms. As a therapist I trust him implicitly. His thoroughness, discernment and courage to say what needs to be said are delivered with compassion and wisdom."
~ WT

"Kurt has a wonderful ability to take the teachings provided to him and make them his own. His integrity in carrying out the intent and spirit of the work he is involved in is exemplary. Thank you Kurt for being an example to all of us."
~ MH